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Nostalgia and new things October 22, 2010

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There are things (a lot of them) that we miss about California.  One of them is that the Dish was just a 10 minute walk from our house (and then another hour to actually walk it!)

It’s hard to beat this:


But there are new things here that are pretty neat, too.  Just down the street from our house (a five minute walk) is Fresh Pond.  Pond is the word they use to mean “lake” here in Boston.  There’s a running trail around it, and it’s a pretty great place to be – especially in the fall:

To state the obvious, Fresh Pond isn’t in the foothills/mountains. But it has more trees (=more color in the fall), and the lake is beautiful. And, it’s easier to run, since there’s no elevation gain!

Doesn’t mean we don’t still love the Dish…but there’s now a special place in our hearts for Fresh Pond, too.


Things there are, things there aren’t – Boston May 20, 2010

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Things there are:




Trader Joe’s

Fromaggio (which we haven’t visited but we hear is a fun grocery/food store)


Things there aren’t:


The Dutch Goose

Humphry Slocombe

Kwang, our mechanic

Friends (Ok, to be fair, there are a few of these, and hopefully many more friends-to-be…but it’s hard to believe they could compare to our friends here…)



Artichoke April 14, 2010

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Some reflections on the Artichoke 10K (in Pescadero, on April 11):

  • 6.2 miles is a lot easier than it seemed 2 months ago…it was actually a lot of fun
  • Our next 10K (if there is one) will be much easier, since I would hope there aren’t high winds and pouring rain like there were on Sunday
  • If there are high winds, much better to run into the wind the first half, so that you can run with the wind during the second half!
  • The artichokes (now in our stomachs) that we were given for finishing were much more fun to win than the medals (which are now in the garbage)
  • Race organizers should probably figure out a way to have more than 1 toilet available for the 100+ runners to use before a race
  • Would be handy to have  a wristwatch to have some idea of my pace
  • A 10K in the morning makes it much easier to justify a big brunch, a tin roof sundae (with Secret Breakfast), and donuts in the afternoon

Splish splash January 21, 2010

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I know that since I am from Seattle, I should be used to rain. But this is SOME RAIN. In Seattle, it really only drizzles. These last two days, the rain has been coming down so hard that it bounces when it hits the ground (but it is not hail, I swear!) And then it creates waves that cascade across the street and down the road.

The thunder was so loud that the car alarms were going off throughout the morning.

And the puddles. Many of them have begun to morph into lakes. Certainly deep enough to wash one’s hair in. Growing up, the concrete the driveway in front of our home was not quite level, and so each winter, a large puddle that we named “Lake Andersen” appeared (and would usually stick around well into the spring months). The Lake Andersen of Seattle is no longer, since there’s a new driveway – but it turns out that C and I have a lake of our own (for which I’ve appropriated the name Lake Andersen), right outside our front door.

Lake Andersen

On my way to work (at least we had power this morning!)


Earthquake! January 7, 2010

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We just felt an earthquake!  It was an itty-bitty one (the perfect size, really – just enough to feel and know it’s definitely an earthquake, but not so large as to be scary).  Here’s the info about it:
UPDATE: For those of you in earthquake territory, I just learned from my co-worker that keeping shoes under your bed is an important piece of earthquake preparedness. Apparently in many earthquakes, one of the most common injuries is cuts on people’s feet from the broken glass once they get out of bed after the quake (if the quake happens while they’re asleep).


SoCal December 18, 2009

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C and I went down to LA last weekend, to go to a wedding. We had a great time – the wedding was beautiful and lots of fun, and we were also able to catch up with some of C’s friends from Nerd College (the fact that C rarely reads this gives me the freedom to say this…)  I got to see said institution for the first time (below is us on campus).  The most interesting thing about the brief tour I took was the incongruity between the beautiful, stately campus and the zombie-like (and very nerdy) students walking around. A colleague of mine mentioned a similiar incongruity – he read that a famous physicist from Caltech frequetly went to a strip club near campus to work on equations (or whatever it is that physicists do).

We’re heading out tomorrow for a fun-filled two weeks of Christmas: first in Portland, then Seattle, then Dallas, then San Diego (K) and Atlanta (C).  A merry Christmas to all!


Our List September 26, 2009

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Updated 1/29/2010

Because we’ll be leaving Stanford and California behind (at least for a few years) once Clayton graduates, this summer we created a list of things that we’d like to do before we embark upon new adventures. I thought I’d post it here (with the things that we have already done crossed off). We’d welcome any suggestions!

Things to do before leaving CA

Around here

  • Hike Mission Peak (Fremont)
  • Visit Pinnacles National Monument
  • Pulgas Water Temple (fun, quick trip)

Places to eat

  • Chez TJ
  • Tamarine (for Valentine’s Day)
  • John Bentley’s
  • Sundance
  • The Mountain House – dessert
  • Junoon
  • Burger and fries at the Village Pub
  • Los Altos Grill

Monterey Area


  • Horseback riding in Big Sur
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Kayaking in Monterey Bay (saw otters, seals and lots of birds)
  • Seeing the butterflies in Monterey

San Francisco

  • Angel Island
  • Alcatraz
  • Walk across Golden Gate Bridge
  • California Academy of the Sciences
  • Ferry Building Farmer’s Market (just K, but I do always bring C treats when I go!)
  • OKeefe and Adams exhibit at SFMOMA

Places to eat

  • Pizzeria Delfina
  • Tartine Bakery
  • Slanted Door (we went to their takeout counter, which I think counts – it was great)
  • Red Crawfish
  • Burma Superstar
  • BStar Bar (both dinner and brunch were fantastic)
  • Canteen
  • Humphrey Slocombe (ice cream) – we’ve been twice already – Secret Breakfast is addictive

North of SF

  • Seeing rutting of the elks in Point Reyes (didn’t see the actual “antler fighting” but saw lots of bucks and harems)
  • Hiking Marin Headlands
  • Napa in the fall (in the fall obviously didn’t happen, but we’ll make it before we leave!)…we did – in the spring!

Places to eat

  • Pizzeria Picco (Marin)
  • Chez Pannise (Berkeley) – yummers!  Thanks to K’s parents for the gift certificate
  • Oliveto (Oakland)