Birds of a Feather

Friday Five: Summer Senses June 27, 2014

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We are focusing on these 10 minute recipes this summer (primarily so that we don’t end up eating out every.single.meal because we are “too busy”)

Tis the season to watch fireflies flitting about in the twilight. We learned through observation during our weekend up in the Catskills that there are different sorts of fireflies. The ones down here near the river are slow and lazy, but up in the Hudson River Valley, they are hard to catch!

Tonight we’re headed out to a Philadelphia Orchestra concert at the Mann Center – my Uncle C will be up there with the trombone section, rocking out to Egmont and Beethoven 9.

Toggling back and forth between work and World Cup games. Why don’t we have two hour lunch breaks?? Just so it’s clear, the teams I’m rooting for are USA, Chile, and Nigeria. C says he doesn’t buy into this “international pageantry” (but is still watching all the games he can).

It’s a toss up this time of year – sometimes we walk down the street and are stopped dead in our tracks by the beautiful floral scents in the air (roses, jasmine, etc.) Other days, we step out on our front porch and smell rotting garbage. You never know.


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