Birds of a Feather

Friday Five May 23, 2014

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Time just keeps flying by. Here’s what has been going on since I last wrote:

1. We both turned 33! For my birthday, C was in NY for a seminar, but took the train home in time for a (late) dinner on Rittenhouse Square. On C’s birthday, I woke him by screaming “kill it, kill it!” (I had seen something crawling in the closet). He didn’t complain, and did kill it (a cockroach). He had a work dinner that night, but we celebrated the following weekend by treating ourselves to a really wonderful 14-course tasting menu at Marigold.

2. We bought a house (or, are still in the process of buying a house…closing is in a few weeks)! Assuming all goes according to plan, we move at the end of June. We love the house, and are mostly very excited (although also a little nervous about all that being homeowners entails).

3. Our slight trepidation about home-ownership is perhaps exacerbated by the fact that a house exploded just down the street from us. Literally, it blew up, one Thursday at 3:45 am. It was total chaos, and 4 homes were destroyed by the explosion and fire, but the miracle is that nobody died (everyone in those houses had evacuated an hour earlier after smelling gas).

4. All of Philadelphia turned green! After a long winter, we were anxious for the green, and it has (finally) arrived. This green is beautiful; I am convinced it is the reason why people stick around these parts!

5. We went to work. We went running. We ate food. (Just so you think our whole life isn’t as exciting as birthdays and homebuying and explosions).

We’re looking forward to having friends in town this (long) weekend. Three cheers for Friday!


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