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The Magical Fruit (A public service announcement) March 25, 2014

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On Friday morning, facing the fact that I would be gone for the weekend, C decided that he wanted a big pot of beans! This would sustain him, he said, all weekend long. He said, “I love beans!” (I don’t, so I told him that this was his chance to go nuts). So he started some beans (with ham, etc.) in the crockpot before we left for work.

On Friday night, we had a Bible Study potluck at our house, but C didn’t want to put out the very large crockpot of beans that he had just cooked during the day because HE WANTED IT ALL FOR HIMSELF. He had tasted them, and they were just that good that he didn’t want to share.

After I left on Saturday morning, he proceeded to eat the beans for every meal. At some point, he made cornbread, to go along with the beans. Every time I talked to him while I was gone, he mentioned how much he was enjoying the beans. He wasn’t feeling good, but he “thought it was because it was cold and because [I] was gone.” (Do you hear the tiny violins playing in the background?)

When my brother visited on Saturday, C offered him some of his precious beans, but P opted for some other leftovers from the fridge.

Then, last night (Monday) when C got home from work, he mentioned he didn’t feel great, and I said (being the caring wife that I am): “Suck it up – it’s probably just allergies.”

A little while later, we realized we had nothing for dinner other than the beans. But, I didn’t want to eat beans and so we went out to get burgers. C started complaining a lot as we ate the burgers, “I feel horrible” and on and on. “It must be the burger…This darn burger…I regret eating this.” When we got home he went straight to bed, and was literally whimpering all night long.

This morning he woke up very late (just as I was leaving) and was still feeling horrible (though he never actually got sick). He didn’t just feel bad, he looked bad. Eventually (around 10 am) he dragged himself to work, still experiencing some stomach pain, nausea, and general malaise. Wanting to get to the bottom of why he felt so ill, he started looking for answers on the interwebs.

Well, guess what….he had BEAN POISONING!!!!! He had never boiled or soaked the beans as you are supposed to, just put them straight into the slow cooker (which it turns out does not come to a strong enough boil to get rid of the poisons! And then he proceeded to eat NOTHING ELSE for 3 days. Oh C.

He is feeling better, but still a little under the weather. Luckily, no one else was impacted. As my friend put it, “Thank goodness that our God uses misguided intentions (like C’s greed) for good (keeping our entire Bible Study from being poisoned!)”

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