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Friday Five: Olympics Edition February 22, 2014

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1. I think my favorite sport of all might be Snowboard Cross. I really like the head to head racing, and the fact that anything could happen.

2. My mom pointed out this Rose is Rose Comic Strip. It pretty much sums up my earliest Olympics experience. I would watch Mary Lou do her thing on the TV, and then run outside to the jungle gym and do my thing!

3. The New York Times has had some great infographics:
I love this one. C really liked the graph partway down this article.

4. I’m tired (literally and figuratively) of the huge time differences…I definitely prefer to watch the Olympics live. And in two years, I’ll be pretty close to getting my wish – Rio will be much closer to our timezone than London, Sochi, or Seoul.

5. As much as we love the Winter Olympics, I couldn’t be happier that there are signs of a new season (Spring!) just around the corner. A little more daylight, a little more blue in the sky, slightly higher temperatures, and less snow and ice on the streets! What a breath of fresh air.


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