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Because everyone needs a good laugh on a Wednesday… January 29, 2014

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…I present you with the list of places that C has lost his wedding ring (in order, ending with the most recent)

The picnic table in the courtyard outside our first apartment on Comstock Circle (for 6 months – approximately months 3 – 9 of our marriage)

He must have taken it off and left it on the table during one of our last outdoor dinners of the year (Septemberish, because you know – it gets “cold” in California). One day (in March) I was pacing around the perimeter of our building while talking with someone on the phone and saw it sitting there. I ended the phone conversation almost immediately upon spotting it and dragged C outside to see exactly where he had left it.

His backpack (also about 6 months; survived a cross-country move)

Initially C thought he lost it at the gym and visited the gym and the police lost and found several times, to no avail. He discovered it 6 months later, still in his backpack, within minutes of buying a replacement (albeit a cheap one) online.

The spare change jar we keep in our bedroom (sometime in 2013)

C looked around for at least a day or two; I found the ring within minutes after he told me that it was lost.

The finger of his glove (last month)

I guess the ring came off without his noticing as he pulled off his glove one day. C couldn’t find the ring (and it got warmer, so he didn’t use the gloves immediately). The next time the temperatures plummeted, he pulled on his glove, and lo and behold…the ring!


It does give me hope that we’ve gone from stretches of 6 months down to just a few days before finding the ring once it has been misplaced.


One Response to “Because everyone needs a good laugh on a Wednesday…”

  1. sherry rushing Says:

    I suggest a ball and chain! LOL! Let’s see him lose that.

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