Birds of a Feather

Friday Five January 10, 2014

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Happy New Year!

We are so glad to have made it through the crazy weather of the last week and a half, with just a very small amount of water in the basement. A brief recap: After a snow storm* last Thursday night that was sufficiently large to close the universities, Sunday it warmed up enough that all the snow melted. Then, on Monday night/Tuesday morning, temperatures plummeted (this was the “Polar Vortex”) – it was 3 degrees when we woke up (and -18 degrees when taking wind chill into account! Since then, the temperatures have been slowly climbing back up.

The screenshot of my phone shows the craziness if you look at the highs, starting on Tuesday with a high in the teens, Wednesday in the 20s, Thursday in the 30s, Friday (today) in the 40s, and (supposedly) tomorrow in the 50s. Wild!

*Weather is all relative. In Philly, this was considered a snow storm, but I don’t think the same amount of snow would have caused universities up in Boston to close down (on the other hand, they plow the streets up there!) And my Quebecois colleague laughed at the idea that it was a “storm”. On the other hand, this video of weather reports in California really made me chuckle!


All this yucky weather has been a great opportunity to dive back into quilting. Such a great rainy/snowy day activity (that it can be done while watching a movie – or football – is an added bonus).

Like many Americans (or maybe this is a more international phenomenon?), we often use January as a chance to reset some habits – particularly habits surrounding exercise and eating! So far, we’re doing pretty well.

In terms of exercise, we finally found a gym that will work well for us. We’re not super picky, but had three main criteria, and this one meets them all: it’s convenient (on the way to/from work for both of us), it’s cheap, and not too smelly! C usually goes before work, and my plan is to start going on my way home from work, now that we’ve figured out my membership.

In terms of eating, we’re not going quite so hard core as in years past (Month of Salads) – but our main goal was to eat more meals at home. A week and a half in, I think we’re doing pretty well. Our favorite new recipe thus far is this surprisingly tasty tuna sandwich (which we had alongside chard, just to add some leafy greens into the mix). My goal is to try one new weeknight dinner (read: not too complicated) recipe a week.  I’ll share any gems I find!

I’m headed up to New York tonight for a day-long women’s conference tomorrow, which I’ll attend with a few friends from church. A year and a half in to life here in Philly, and I still can’t get over how great it is that NY is under 2 hours away.

Go Seahawks!!


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