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Friday Five: The Bachelorette August 23, 2013

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No, not that Bachelorette.

C is out West this week, although I have it on good authority that it’s all work and no play.  I try to find the positives of him being away; this week, here’s what I’ve kept myself busy with:

1. Evening runs (even in the gross Philadelphia weather we’ve been having – high humidity and all clouded over – no blue skies)

2. Eating vegetarian for the week. It’s not a challenge, although not necessarily all that healthy.  Well, half of my meals are pretty healthy (think, tofu salads).  The other half?  Quesadillas (or what we grew up calling “tortillas and cheese”) with lots of (non-meat) toppings.

3. Speaking of which, I have a new favorite food – SALSA! How did I never appreciate this wonder-food in my first 31 years of life?  I could eat this stuff til the cows come home.  It’s even low-cal, though I guess the trick is figuring out an equally low-cal vehicle with which to get the salsa from the bowl to my mouth.  Double-dipping helps a little…

4. Meeting up with friends (and talking with them on the phone).

5. Finally (direct from Slate, and Netflix): Yes, You Should Watch Orange is the New Black This Weekend


Friday Five August 16, 2013

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1. I know it’s been awhile (work will do that) but since I’m sitting here waiting for C to come home from work, I thought I’d check in.

2. Catalog Living never fails to make me laugh

3. We’ve had lots of company this past month or so – 6 different overnight guests (and some “drive-thrus”) in July and the first half of August. Lovely to catch up with all of them, and fun to get to show of our little corner of Philadelphia.

4. We did a very “local” thing at the beginning of the month, and went “down the shore” for the weekend. Meaning (for those not from the area, that we drove out to the Jersey Shore). We had a great time, save a bit of seasickness when we went out on a boat in hopes of catching some crabs and fish. Highlights included the ferris wheel and the 10-cent skeeball on the Ocean City boardwalk, and a beautiful sunset over the sound.

5. The new Ikea catalog arrived this past week. I am in seventh heaven!!