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Friday Five: Shiner Edition May 18, 2013

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1. We had lots of fun family time last weekend – PHL sight-seeing, an ill-fated attempt to get $10 tickets to the Philadelphia Orchestra (there were 40 rush tickets that day; we were numbers 41 – 45 in line), a graduation, and – most importantly – a graduation party!

2. I can’t believe that May is more than halfway over – time sure flies! We have several trips coming up in the next month and a half, so are trying to enjoy not living out of our suitcases for another week or so.

3. Shiner came to Philadelphia! It’s our favorite, and the beer that we had at our wedding (had to have a little something for the Texans who made it all the way to Seattle!), and now, it’s available at the beer distributor. The fine people at Shiner made a fun video for those of us up here in the City of Brotherly Love.

4. When C found out, he said (via G-chat): “It’s my birthday present!”
And indeed it was – thanks for the hint, C! I got him two cases (one of Shiner Bock and another “Family Reunion” variety pack).

5. In the last week, we’ve had FIVE out-of-town friends come through (well, one adult, and one family of four) – not to mention my relatives who were here last weekend. And the coming week looks to be bringing a few more…we’re getting spoiled, but we’re not complaining!