Birds of a Feather

Friday Five April 19, 2013

Filed under: The everyday — kcfeather @ 8:01 pm


1. The news from Boston continues to hit close to home. I was somehow never removed from the MIT emergency notification list, and so last night around 11 we got an automated phone message about an active shooter on campus, followed by almost hourly text updates and notifications all through the night. We’re not sad to not be on lockdown, but are certainly thinking of all our Boston-based friends and colleagues who are stuck in their homes today.

2. On a lighter *note* – I got a ukulele for my birthday! I am not very good, but am having a lot of fun watching youtube videos and trying to learn some chords. I have almost learned “Happy Birthday” and “Amazing Grace.” Meanwhile C already taught himself “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service. Show off.

3. I keep thinking that I see snow falling…but it’s cherry blossoms! I’ll take that.

4. This article was recently pointed out to me. I was primarily taken by the photo of the cat at the beginning (since all cats are at least that scary in my mind), and passed it along to C. C’s response (in G-chat, and also in jest was) was:

the lesson i frew from that article
is make sure there isn’t a camera when you poison cats

5. Probably no surprise to anyone reading this, but if you are ever going to trivia night at a local bar, you probably want C on your team. After a (decadent) work reception at the Barnes Foundation this Wednesday, we went with some colleagues of his over to play a round of Quizzo. So long as the trivia doesn’t involve “match the tattoo to the celebrity” he’s a pretty helpful person to have around.


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