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It is Finished March 30, 2013

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Holy Saturday. Almost Alleluia.

Yesterday before our church’s Good Friday Tenebrae service, I finished my Lenten project of reading through the Bible, from front to back. I’ll report some reflections on the process soon, but throughout the past week, I keep coming back to the last words of Christ on the cross. It is finished. (John 19:30)

What a wonderful reality to rest in and to celebrate, tomorrow, and each day. We A very talented musician sang a song by this title at the service, and I thought I’d share. After the second verse there is a *beautiful* bell solo. Stick with it, if only for that. If you use a blog reader, you may have to click through to hit play and hear the song.

It is Finished, the Redeemer Said

Words: Samuel Stennett, 1787, and Michael Van Patter, 2011
Music: Michael Van Patter, 2011
(c) New York Hymns, 2011

It is finished, the redeemer said
And meekly bowed his dying head
While we his sentence scan
Come ye sinners and observe the word
Behold the conquests of our lord
Complete for sinful man

So who shall urge a second claim?
The law now no longer can condemn
Faith a release can show
Justice itself now a friend appears
The prison house a whisper hears
Loose him and let him go

His word divinely finished stands
And oh, the praise his love demands
Careful may we attend
Conclusion to the whole be this
Because salvation finished is
Our thanks shall never end


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