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Proving a Point March 10, 2013

Filed under: The everyday — kcfeather @ 1:44 am

Last month, at the beginning of a rainy weekend, we decided to check out the new Netflix television series House of Cards. Netflix had released all 13 episodes of the first season at once, and while we didn’t necessarily plan to, we ended up watching the entire season over the course of the weekend.  It may not match the level of The Wire (our all-time favorite TV show) – but it was pretty good, and (obviously) very addictive.

In one of the earliest scenes, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) buys her husband, Senator Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) a rowing machine for his mancave of a basement. This is not a major storyline (no spoilers here), just a little thread that runs through several of the episodes.

A few days later, C said to me, “I have an idea” – as if out of the blue.  Then he continued:  “Maybe we should get an indoor rower…it fits easily into a (tiny Philadelphia) basement, and would be a good way to get exercise without having to leave the house.”  (Treadmills wouldn’t really fit in the front doors of a lot of the homes around here, let alone fit down the basement stairs.)

I said, “Oh really?  I wonder where that idea came from.” Silence. I then suggested that it seems like most home exercise machines end up collecting dust.  In response, C immediately incorporated the erg into his routine at the gym (see below).  So if it lasts awhile, who knows – maybe we’ll be the proud owners of a rower. Although I think we’re first going to work on becoming proud owners of a basement in which to put said rower.



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