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Fastnacht February 13, 2013

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Today goes by many names: Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Carnival, Shrove Tuesday. Here in Philly, we’re just outside Pennsylvania Dutch country. We’ve learned that the Dutchy term for the day is Fastnacht, and the day is celebrated not by eating King Cake or pancakes, but doughnuts!

We didn’t make it over to our favorite doughnut shop today so we’re staying in, and enjoying some tapioca pudding. But in future years, we look forward to properly celebrating the day (how can you beat fried dough?)

Happy Fastnacht!


One Response to “Fastnacht”

  1. David Andersen Says:

    I remember how I used to look forward to Fastnacht Day at Pine Forge Elementary School, when doughnuts would be served at lunch, along with the main course of hot dogs and sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.

    David V. Andersen Holman Cahill Garrett Ives Oliver & Andersen, PLLC 5507-35th Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98105 206-547-1400 206-547-1276 (fax)

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