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Friday Five: Games Edition February 1, 2013

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1. We got a bunch of very fun games (mostly board games) for Christmas, and have been thoroughly enjoying them. Our favorite, perhaps, is a cooperative game (you’re competing against the game, not each other) called Pandemic. We’ve also been enjoying Ticket to Ride (which I seem to be better at) and Bohnanza (which C dominates)

2. This being the first football season that we’ve owned a TV, we watched more football than in past years.  And while I was a little sad that the Seahawks didn’t make it to the Superbowl, we’re still looking forward to Sunday’s game…the Har-bowl!

3.  Speaking of which, we found these sites documenting the expressiveness (or lack thereof) of the current and former Stanford Football coaches very entertaining: Faces of Shaw and Faces of Harbaugh

4. We’re still playing a game of cat and mouse with dear Mr. Mouse.  We don’t have a cat, which might explain why he seems to be winning. Actually, we’re sort of at an impasse – we haven’t seen him (or evidence of him) for over a week now, but we also haven’t trapped him

5. Snow flurries this morning put a big smile on my face


2 Responses to “Friday Five: Games Edition”

  1. LOVE the harbaugh/shaw faces haha!!

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