Birds of a Feather

Thankfulness Thursday November 23, 2012

Filed under: Holiday,The everyday — kcfeather @ 5:41 am

It’s Thanksgiving! And there’s lots to be thankful for today:

* Health! I have been fighting a cold, but my strategy of guzzling Odwalla, piling on the calories, drinking lots of tea, and watching lots of TV resting worked well enough that I could head out this morning bright and early for a 5 mile Turkey Trot in Fairmount Park with my brother P…and then enjoy a stroll through the woods with the cousins later on

* Family, near and far. We had a really lovely dinner with my aunt, uncle, and 9 cousins (and a brother)! But also enjoyed the chance to talk (and send texts and photos) to our families in Seattle and Texas

* Delicious cheese

* That we’ll have turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, and not eel

* Stanford is ranked #8 – way to go Card! What a fun OT victory over Oregon last week

* Hats with ear flaps on frosty mornings

* Laughter


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