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Champions! November 10, 2012

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I have been anxious to go to a Penn Football game since we moved to Philly (the stadium, Franklin Field, is right across the river from where we are living). Today was the last home game of the season, and I had a chance to tag along with some friends.  Not only did Penn win (beating Harvard, 30-21), but they clinched the 2012 Ivy League title.  Or at least a portion of it (if they lose next week to Cornell and Harvard beats Yale, then I guess they share it). So maybe the post title is a bit premature…

A few observations about my very first Ivy League football game ever:

  • The level of play is not quite as high as at Stanford
  • Attendance is pretty dismal (on the other hand, it was easy to get decent seats for $8)
  • The school song contains the line “Here’s a toast to dear old Penn.” But because alcohol is not allowed at NCAA sporting events, instead the students throw pieces of toasted bread onto the field.  This site says that 20,000 – 30,000 pieces of toast are thrown per game, but I have trouble believing that based on the numbers in attendance
  • To take care of all the toast on the field, there is a bread Zamboni.  No, really.  There is.
  • It is pretty cool to see a safety in person

Let’s go, Quakers, Let’s go!
Update: Since posting, Stanford just came from behind to beat Oregon State.  Way to go Cardinal!


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