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Thankfulness Thursday November 29, 2012

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This will wrap up our month of Thankfulness Thursdays, although hopefully we will continue counting our blessings every day!

  • A nice long week in between Thanksgiving and the beginning of Advent
  • Projects to keep me busy during the day (some baking endeavors, a web design assignment for C’s family, and some letters of recommendation)
  • Happening to find the perfect Christmas tree while running errands on Tuesday
  • Beer bread – so easy and so tasty!
  • Dinner invitations from our neighbors
  • Season #2 of Downton Abbey is in my hot little hands!
  • The promise of a little R&R in New Orleans before Christmas – we booked the tickets earlier this week

Thankfulness Thursday November 23, 2012

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It’s Thanksgiving! And there’s lots to be thankful for today:

* Health! I have been fighting a cold, but my strategy of guzzling Odwalla, piling on the calories, drinking lots of tea, and watching lots of TV resting worked well enough that I could head out this morning bright and early for a 5 mile Turkey Trot in Fairmount Park with my brother P…and then enjoy a stroll through the woods with the cousins later on

* Family, near and far. We had a really lovely dinner with my aunt, uncle, and 9 cousins (and a brother)! But also enjoyed the chance to talk (and send texts and photos) to our families in Seattle and Texas

* Delicious cheese

* That we’ll have turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, and not eel

* Stanford is ranked #8 – way to go Card! What a fun OT victory over Oregon last week

* Hats with ear flaps on frosty mornings

* Laughter


Thankfulness Thursday November 15, 2012

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  • Lou Reed’s Perfect Day (also known as that song from the Samsung commercial)
  • Warm coats and mittens
  • Having a grocery store right around the corner (literally, less than 100 steps from our front door)
  • Weekly trash pickup (didn’t know to appreciate this until a week was skipped due to Superstorm Sandy)
  • New friends
  • More light in our living room thanks to the leaves that fell off the trees
  • Hazelnut brown butter cake



Schuylkill River Runs November 13, 2012

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One of the best parts of being unemployed in November is that you can still spend daylight hours in the daylight!

We live just a few blocks from the Schuylkill (that’s “skoo-kill”) River, and the path along the river has become one of our favorite haunts for both running and walking. Even though the temperatures are dropping, I’m still managing to get out for runs pretty frequently.  Full length running tights help.

This morning I thought I’d take you on a little tour of the Schuylkill River Trail (at least the section near our house).  I think you’ll see why we’re so fond of it.

Follow me

Looking North from South Street onto the Schuylkill River Trail (which runs along the East (righthand) bank of the river), towards the Philadelphia skyline

Looking North from Chestnut Street: Market Street Bridge, 30th Street Station, and the Amtrak Building

Looking South from Vine Street: River Trail on the left; on the right the railroad bridge and the JFK Bridge beyond that

Boathouse Row

From the northern end of Boathouse Row, the Philadelphia skyline (on a hazy morning) from the North

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Isn’t it a magnificent trail, to have all these beautiful views within the span of just a few miles?


Champions! November 10, 2012

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I have been anxious to go to a Penn Football game since we moved to Philly (the stadium, Franklin Field, is right across the river from where we are living). Today was the last home game of the season, and I had a chance to tag along with some friends.  Not only did Penn win (beating Harvard, 30-21), but they clinched the 2012 Ivy League title.  Or at least a portion of it (if they lose next week to Cornell and Harvard beats Yale, then I guess they share it). So maybe the post title is a bit premature…

A few observations about my very first Ivy League football game ever:

  • The level of play is not quite as high as at Stanford
  • Attendance is pretty dismal (on the other hand, it was easy to get decent seats for $8)
  • The school song contains the line “Here’s a toast to dear old Penn.” But because alcohol is not allowed at NCAA sporting events, instead the students throw pieces of toasted bread onto the field.  This site says that 20,000 – 30,000 pieces of toast are thrown per game, but I have trouble believing that based on the numbers in attendance
  • To take care of all the toast on the field, there is a bread Zamboni.  No, really.  There is.
  • It is pretty cool to see a safety in person

Let’s go, Quakers, Let’s go!
Update: Since posting, Stanford just came from behind to beat Oregon State.  Way to go Cardinal!


Thursday Thankfulness November 9, 2012

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Thursdays in November seem like a good time to remember all that we have to be grateful for.

– The excitement of the first snow (yesterday, actually)
Funny TV shows
– A husband who is so cheap resourceful that he always makes bread pudding when we have stale bread
– The extra hour of sleep this week
– Finally hanging all the pictures and frames that have been leaning against the wall in the living room since we moved in
– No more election ads for awhile!
– Public libraries
– Running on the Wissahickon Valley Trail last weekend