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Hunkering Down October 29, 2012

Filed under: Philly — kcfeather @ 2:21 pm

As I mentioned on Friday, a storm (Hurricane Sandy) is headed our way.

Over the weekend, we did indeed stock up on some water and canned goods.  Should “Frankenstorm” wreak havoc, I think we will be all set in the food department. If the power goes out, however, we’re a little less well-prepared in terms of lighting…everywhere in the entire city sold out of flashlights before we started looking for one yesterday, and so we only have a tiny little one that runs on two AA batteries.  At least we have lots of batteries (and some candles, as well).

Storm Sustenance

C’s classes for Monday and Tuesday were preemptively cancelled yesterday, and his building is closed, so he’s working from home and has plenty of math and PowerPoint to keep him busy.  As for me, in addition to a fairly long Netflix Instant Queue (which is really only good so long as we have power), I am well-stocked on the book front.  I’m trusting that the below will provide at least several days worth of reading material, although again, if the power is out, my reading time will be limited to the daytime hours.

Hurricane Reading

There is no telling how bad it will actually be – reports vary drastically. Some of the news stories we’ve seen have been a tad sensationalistic, but it does seem there’s good reason to take precaution.  So we’ll wait and see. We’re thankful today that we have a home in which we can weather the storm, and are certainly thinking of those who don’t.


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