Birds of a Feather

Friday Five October 26, 2012

Filed under: The everyday — kcfeather @ 7:34 pm

1. Last year this time, we had a snowstorm; this year, reports are that a hurricane is headed our way.  C instructed me to stock up on some canned food and water today. Which I have not yet done.

2. Fun to connect with old friends and acquaintances.  Have had a bunch of chances to do so over the past week or so (both here in Philly and in New York) and always enjoy catching up.

3. It’s the season when there is nothing like getting into a hot shower (especially if you’re coming indoors after a frosty morning run)…and there is nothing so hard as getting OUT of said shower.

4. I have a new favorite tea – at least until I restock my other favorite. And that is just black teas.  Don’t even get me started on green teas: that list could go on and on and on…

5. Last week, I drove out to Lancaster and this past Monday down through a good portion of Delaware. Let me just say (though I have no photos, since I have been informed that it is indeed unsafe to take pictures while behind the wheel) that the fall colors here (at least this season) could go head to head with any of the fall colors we saw during our two years in New England.


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