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Five on Friday: Sick Day Edition October 5, 2012

Filed under: The everyday — kcfeather @ 6:46 pm

1. It’s quite a bummer to get sick when the weather reaches 80 degrees and sunny in October, but I somehow managed to do so. I blame eating far too much over the last week (in NY, Philadelphia Restaurant week, and at a street fair last night).  Good thing we have a stockpile of bananas and green tea ginger ale!

2. C got back some midterm evaluations for the course he is teaching.  They were generally positive, though my favorite comment had nothing to do with his teaching: “The professor is handsome and sharp. Plus!”

3. Being in bed all day, I had the rare opportunity to watch some morning talk shows.  In particular, I got a chance to check out “Live with Kelly and Michael” for the first time since Michael Strahan joined the show.  C and I jokingly refer to Michael as my twin because of the big gap between his teeth.  He really tore it up in their impromptu karaoke competition this morning, but charming as he is, it’s probably the first AND last time I ever watch that show.

4. Confession: the only reason we even get reception for ABC is that we have resorted to using foil on the antenna. Not sure if it is better described as old school or cheap…

5. We just got an exciting treat in the mail: Baumkuchen!  C is so excited he almost came home early.  Thanks, JG!


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