Birds of a Feather

New York Weekend October 1, 2012

Filed under: Travel Reports — kcfeather @ 2:35 pm

We went up to NY on Friday night for a quick weekend trip. We primarily went to see C’s Aunt S and her friends who were on their big NY vacay, but it was also nice to get away for a weekend.  New York certainly has it’s overwhelming moments (and our feet were overwhelmed on Saturday after walking over 11 miles all around Manhattan and Williamsburg) – but we had a great time.

Some highlights: perusing the Chelsea Flea; tasty dinners at Monument Lane and Home; pre-dinner sangria and tapas at Tia Pol; some really great people-watching; too much really tasty food from the Brooklyn Smorgasburg including Danish-Japanese fusion “Fish on Rye”, Squid ink Ramen Ragu, a Mile End smoked meat sammie, Schnitzel, and much much more; fuel in the form of a poppy seed rose from Zucker Bakery; walking along the Highline at dusk and wandering through the Village; and a final breakfast at Bouchon Bakery in Rockefeller Plaza. We also came home with a case of wine.

Whirlwind weekend!


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