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Market Cooking September 27, 2012

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We’re finally not simply eating out every night (which, as I mentioned, we were), and are enjoying the chance to break in our new kitchen and eat in. Since there are lots of great produce markets in town (the Fitler Square market is just around the corner from us, the Clark Park market is across the river, and Reading Terminal and Italian Markets are also not too far away) I’ve been having fun trying out recipes that use fresh market fruits and veggies.

Kale and ricotta and plums, oh my!


Some favorites from this summer:

Grilled Kale Salad with Ricotta and Plums

Ratatouille (this is a super easy version…maybe someday I’ll try the Thomas Keller one)

Peach Shortbread

Corn Salad Sandwiches (Oh my, were these a hit.  C was skeptical, but quickly came around once he tasted this deliciousness)

Spicy Zucchini Frittata


Almond-oat cakes with strawberries
Am looking forward to trying out some fall recipes in the next few months – think: squash, potatoes, apples, beets and other root veggies. Any recommendations for recipes featuring fall fruits and veggies?


2 Responses to “Market Cooking”

  1. jesse Says:

    gonna have to try a few of these.

    re: fall, i just can’t believe how drool-tastic root veggies are simply roasted w/ olive oil. omg, parsnips?! how did i live so long w/o them?! : )

    • kcfeather Says:

      I know! Parsnips are amazing…but am pretty sure that I would have totally wrinkled my nose and discreetly hidden them in my napkin to later deposit in the trash can when I was little. But yes, so good.

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