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Flower Boxes September 13, 2012

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We are feeling more and more settled – we now have a couch and a dining room table (and dining room chairs that are in the process of being painted MINT GREEN!)  And, as of last weekend, we have flowers in our window boxes!

Right Box

We really love the street we live on, and the neighbors are very neighborly – they have all introduced themselves, and one even brought us a bottle of wine as a welcome to the neighborhood gift.  So we were starting to feel a little guilty when we had been here for over a month and not yet filled in the brand new window boxes that our landlords left for us.  Not one of our neighbors complained that we hadn’t filled them in. But now that they are filled in, we’ve received a sufficient number of compliments that it has become obvious that the empty boxes did not go unnoticed.

Yes, our street is a little shady.  And summer is almost over.  And, we’re not used to growing things in a place that has frosty winters (we never really successfully grew anything in Beantown).  But we’re hopeful!  Even if they don’t last long, it’s better than empty boxes.

Left Box


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