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The Steeplechase and other great things about the Olympics August 6, 2012

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My love of the Olympics was born when I was just 3 years old and Mary Lou Retton won the gymnastics all-around (little did I know that she really only won because the Soviets were boycotting the LA Games).  I would run out to our jungle gym and pretend to be her while swinging around on the bars.  Four years later (Seoul) I was glued to the tube while Janet Evans swim her way to 3 gold medals.

Fast forward: four years ago in July, we got married.  At the end of that month, C realized what he had gotten himself into…he was married to an Olympics fanatic!  We made a deal for the Beijing Olympics (and for Vancouver 2 years later) that we would find a TV that we could borrow and then give back.  This worked great both times.  If I remember correctly, we borrowed a TV from our friend T  for the Vancouver Games – it turned out it was one of many TVs that he used to watch multiple sporting events at once (we really appreciated the sacrifice!)

This time around, we bit the bullet and just bought a TV.  Since I’m still getting us settled and getting started on the job search, I get to watch not only the events in which Americans win medals primetime broadcast, but also the more random sports that are shown during the day on NBC.

Some of my favorite things about the London Olympics so far:

– By chance getting to see a family friend row in the double during his second of four races. His pair didn’t medal, but they are the 8th best pair in the world  which is not all that shabby!

– Pistorius, of course

– Gabby Douglas – how can you not love her smile?  What a cutie.

– Learning a little bit more about track and field events from C (someone who actually did track and field in high school).  I really loved watching the steeplechase today, and wish they had showed more of the heptathalon.  But hurdles and the 400 and the 1500 and the long jump are really fun too.  And all the other events.  I particularly like Lolo Jones and Allyson Felix, so am rooting for them in the days to come.

– Did I mention the steeplechase?  Watching that really made me want to sign up for a trail run (though not in this ridiculous heat and humidity!)

– Usain Bolt.  Am surprised that I find his showmanship so winning, but I do!

– Hard not to love the US Swim Team, especially after seeing how much fun they manage to have despite what I imagine is grueling training.  Plus, what a great sport.

– Some of the other water sports are great, too. Those water polo players are no joke…there was a lot of suit-grabbing in the US v. Italy women’s game yesterday.  And synchronized swimming sounds silly, but have you seen it?  That cannot be easy.

– Misty May’s shout outs to the troops and the Dodgers after every match

– The tennis – watching Murray win on his home turf, and watching Serena dominate in the gold medal match

Ok.  I’ll stop myself.

A few things I don’t love so much: the time delays, the fact that they really only show Americans, and that they don’t show some of the more random sports. And, why so much diving???

I look forward to returning to regularly scheduled bedtimes, but am really enjoying this while it lasts.

UPDATE: This is a great article.


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  1. KETC Says:

    Glad to know you’re still a fan! I definitely thought of you and your excitement 4 years ago as the build-up to the Olympics started. We’ve been watching a lot as well. T is definitely a sports junkie… Go USA!

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