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Spelling Lessons July 12, 2012

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We’ve been staying busy furniture shopping (which means driving all over the greater Philadelphia area). This gets old pretty quickly, but the upside is that we’ve had the chance to explore some fun neighborhoods along the way.

The important lesson we learned (important at least if you are using a GPS to find your way around):

MANAYUNK has an “A” before the “Y”
PASSYUNK does not

Your searches will be in vain if you add in that extra “A.”

Also, some trivia:
Manayunk was originally called “Manjunk” by the local Native Americans (wonder why that pronunciation didn’t catch on). It has a cute little river walk.

Passyunk is pronounced “Pashyunk” and is where all the hipsters live. We are really not cool enough to hang out there.

Moving day is on Saturday. Can’t wait!!

PS. Another fun Philadelphia spelling/pronunciation lesson: we’ll live four blocks from the SCHUYLKILL River.  That’s “Skoo-kill”


First Day in Phila July 1, 2012

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We’re here, and we’re hot – it’s a heatwave in PA (but we are thankful that the storms didn’t hit the city, and so we do have power!)


Our first full day in our new home city – we visited a church where we ran into K’s uncle and cousins, had brunch with them, went mattress shopping, and saw Moonrise Kingdom (which was pretty cute, even though quite stylized as per usual for a Wes Anderson flick).


K is watching Olympic Trials

C is doing important research online about how to catch eels in the Delaware River

Fun times!