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Rabbit, rabbit! June 2, 2012

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Today is the first day of our last month in Boston!

Cambridge is by no means the countryside, but during our time here we’ve had a few sightings of animals that we have never before seen in the wild.

Most frequently, bunny rabbits! It’s a fun and not too uncommon event to see a rabbit hop across the sidewalk as we walk along historic Brattle Street on our way to work in the morning. They’ve also taken over the lawns near C’s office (the ones at HBS are particularly unconcerned by passers by, and are happy to chomp on grass even when we come quite close).

We’ve also seen wild turkeys strutting down the middle of Huron Street, stopping up traffic as they refuse to move any faster than they please.

But this last weekend, we had the most surprising animal sighting of our time here – when driving in Central Massachusetts this weekend, a fox and her kit darted across the road right in front of us. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fox in living color before, but it looked just like I imagined (my imagination mostly informed  by the Disney classic Fox and Hound and by Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr.Fox).  A little more skittish than the HBS bunnies, they scampered into the bushes quickly – but it was among the highlights of our day.

Here’s to a great June!


All images from the Wik.


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