Birds of a Feather

Spring Cleaning April 15, 2012

Filed under: Poetry,The everyday — kcfeather @ 9:56 pm

We are not really on schedule for spring cleaning this year – it’s been a hectic few months.  But we try to keep the house somewhat picked up these days, because at any point the landlord could show it to potential future tenants. I’ve also (very slowly) started going through closets and bookshelves, picking out clothing that has gone unworn for these two years (probably a good sign that it should go), or for books that for some reason or another I’ve decided we don’t really need to hang onto.

But anyway, in honor of National Poetry Month, a poem on the subject:

April Chores

Jane Kenyon

When I take the chilly tools
from the shed’s darkness, I come
out to a world made new
by heat and light.

The snake basks and dozes
on a large flat stone.
It reared and scolded me
for raking too close to its hole.

Like a mad red brain
the involute rhubarb leaf
thinks its way up
through loam.


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