Birds of a Feather

Five on Friday (“PH” edition) April 13, 2012

Filed under: Philly,The everyday — kcfeather @ 5:41 pm
  1.  We’re moving – to PHiladelphia!  It’s official – C accepted a faculty position at a great university there, and so in late June we’ll be packing up our things and moving down the Atlantic Coast several hundred miles.
  2. Last weekend, we were in California for a dear friend’s wedding (and got to catch up with family and friends to boot).  What fun! Also, we got our fill of PHilz Coffee (and tea) – basically, some of the most tasty stuff around.  I am hoping that they open up a Philly location soon (but I have a feeling that I shouldn’t count on it)
  3. I (K) turned 31 on Monday – crazy!  Good friends joined us to celebrate over pizza in Larkspur.
  4. Post-CA, I have a very yucky sore throat – so last night instead of the gym, we had PHo (I know that chicken soup is what you’re supposed to have, but I prefer beef)
  5. After a “long” 3-day work week, we’re now embarking on a 3-day weekend – only in Boston, for Patriot’s Day/Boston Marathon.  Looking forward to cheering on the runners on Monday!

K and C, in a tree!


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