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Say Cheese! March 26, 2012

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Inside the Formmagio Cheese Counter

On the first morning we spent in Cambridge (July 1, 2010), we woke up, walked a few blocks down Huron Avenue, and got a cherry scone, four fruits tea (K), and coffee (C) at a little neighborhood gourmet market.  We’ve come to frequent the market – not for buying actual groceries, since it makes Whole Foods look like a discount grocer, but for picking up little treats – a bit of cheese or salami, Stumptown coffee beans, a bottle of wine, or perhaps their famous Saturday barbecue – and for getting ideas of things to make at home.


We had *heard* that they had a cheese cave – in fact, seeing the cheese cave is on our list of things to do before leaving Boston – but the store is always so crowded that we never thought it was a good time to ask if we could see it.  Then, a colleague of C’s invited us to a “Cheese 101” class at Formaggio, and we thought that this might be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the store when it is a little less chaotic, and maybe even get a chance to check out the cheese cave. And indeed, it was!  We had lots of fun tasting the cheeses (and enjoying the wine pairings), learned a little bit about cheese-making, got in some good Cambridge people watching, and….got a private tour of the cheese cave!

Inside the cheese cave, at last!

The cave was not surprisingly dark, damp, and smelled of ammonia…but it was also full of oodles and oodles of cheese.


One Response to “Say Cheese!”

  1. […] We did sign up for a class, and we did get to see the cheese cave!  What fun!  More here. […]

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