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New York, New York February 9, 2012

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C had an interview in NY at the end of last week, and so we decided I would head out on a Thursday night bus and spend the (three-day) weekend together in the Big Apple (before he took off for yet another week of interviews).  New York can be tiring, but we had a really fun weekend that was a good mix of taking it easy and exploring the city.  Here’s a map with most of our weekend’s activities marked in green (blue markers are from a weekend I spent in NYC in November, and pink ones are places we have yet to check out).

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Some highlights:

* A few post-dinner stops at Eataly, mostly just for window shopping (but we tried some Pear Vanilla Sorbet and really loved it – magically creamy and not so icy as many sorbets)
* Our session with Freud (and our friend A)
* Some tasty breakfasts, including soft-boiled eggs at Le Pain Quotidien (a favorite of K) and smoked fish at Russ & Daughters (a favorite of C)
* Walking around the campus of “Columbia University in the City of New York” (and the UWS more generally…or is it just “UWS” with no “the”?  I’m obviously not a New Yorker)
* Seeing the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History
* Assorted tasty treats at Burger Joint, Milk Bar, Momofuku Ssam Bar, and Motorino pizza
* Perusing the booths at the Brooklyn Flea Market and then walking across the Brooklyn Bridge back into Manhattan
* A Sunday morning ride on the Staten Island Ferry (great views of Lady Liberty)

We also tried to hunt down some Vendome macarons, first at Saks and then at their pop-up shop in Brooklyn. But Saks was out (“more on Tuesday”) and the pop-up shop never opened (“We put it on our website that the shop was cancelled.”  Um, no, you didn’t – I was looking at their website – and FB – as they were saying this to C.  Later that day the website was updated).  So we were 0 for 2 in locating what look to be delectable macarons. C’est la vie.


3 Responses to “New York, New York”

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  2. KETC Says:

    OOH Google Vacation Map! So perfect for a place like NYC with treats around every corner! What a great idea.

    • kcfeather Says:

      I made a “Travel Reports” category on the homepage, so you can see all of them (although I think that Portland, ME and perhaps Montreal are the only other maps I’ve made so far).

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