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The Bachelorette Life November 28, 2011

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I miss C lots when he’s away (like this week, and the week before Thanksgiving). But there are a few things that I really enjoy about being a temporary bachelorette. Among them:

* I can eat whatever I want for dinner – if I just feel like just a salad, or just chips and hummus,or just pad thai out of a box and mochi ice cream, I can have that and everyone is happy (C prefers more rounded, less snacky meals – which is probably better for us)

* Total “remote” control. We don’t really have a remote, but there is no compromising about movies/TV shows – I can watch the cheeziest chick flick out there, and no one complains

* No one to make fun of me when I start getting ready for bed at 8:30 pm!

* The house stays cleaner when there is just one person (who is not cooking much) around

Overall, I definitely still prefer having C around…hopefully after the next few months, the travel will decrease and we can return to well-rounded, home-cooked dinners, remembering how to compromise about what movie to watch, and teasing each other about bedtimes, etc. Though it would be great if we could learn to keep the house cleaner even when we’re both around!


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