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Thanks: Thirty November 30, 2011

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It’s not Friday, but November is coming to a close (30 days, has November). So a few more things to be thankful for as we close out the month:

26. Lift, the mexican apple soda

27. 2 new phones

28. the bachelorette life

29. advent candles

30. C finally returns tomorrow!


The Bachelorette Life November 28, 2011

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I miss C lots when he’s away (like this week, and the week before Thanksgiving). But there are a few things that I really enjoy about being a temporary bachelorette. Among them:

* I can eat whatever I want for dinner – if I just feel like just a salad, or just chips and hummus,or just pad thai out of a box and mochi ice cream, I can have that and everyone is happy (C prefers more rounded, less snacky meals – which is probably better for us)

* Total “remote” control. We don’t really have a remote, but there is no compromising about movies/TV shows – I can watch the cheeziest chick flick out there, and no one complains

* No one to make fun of me when I start getting ready for bed at 8:30 pm!

* The house stays cleaner when there is just one person (who is not cooking much) around

Overall, I definitely still prefer having C around…hopefully after the next few months, the travel will decrease and we can return to well-rounded, home-cooked dinners, remembering how to compromise about what movie to watch, and teasing each other about bedtimes, etc. Though it would be great if we could learn to keep the house cleaner even when we’re both around!


Thanks: Twenty-five November 26, 2011

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Another week, come and gone – and lots to be thankful for:

19. Big Game victory!
20. 168 completed job applications!
21. antique malls
22. a break from the cold, cold New England weather
23. no lines at security the day before Thanksgiving
24. Thanksgiving feasts with family and friends (4 over the last week)
25. Reality TV: Storage Wars and Lady Hoggers

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks: Eighteen November 18, 2011

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Wow, November is flying by! Can’t believe it’s more than half over. This week, we’re thankful for:

12. slippers

13. Microsoft Excel (sometimes I hate it, but the job market would be a lot tougher without it)

14. soup season (this week: Beet and Fennel Soup and Butternut Squash Soup)

15. sweetgum balls, and trees in general in the fall…so pretty!

16. Shad – the gym at C’s office (where we get to work out with cadets at “the West Point of Capitalism”)

17. umbrellas

18. Dinner reservations tonight


Thanks: Eleven November 11, 2011

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For the month of November, every Friday (starting today) I’ll post a list of things we’re thankful for (one per day through the end of the month). For the first week and a half:

1. Patagonia fleeces
2. Beautiful love stories
3. Phone calls with good friends
4. Lots of jobs for C to apply for
5. Hulu
6. Several days of sunshine this week
7. Finding an old Groupon for takeout last night when we hadn’t properly planned for a meal
8. Scrabble
9. Our landlord raking the leaves in front of the house
10. Work holidays
11. The book of Genesis


Ten on Tuesday – October Snowstorm Edition November 1, 2011

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1. We had a big storm over the weekend. A SNOW storm. It wasn’t big compared to what we will likely get in January, but considering it wasn’t even November…

2. Now it is November – happy Dia de los Muertos! In California, I used to pick up Pan de Muertos on Nov. 1, and let students know they could stop by for a treat during the day. That, I suppose, is one of the perks of commuting by car – harder to pick stuff up on your way to work on the subway.

3. A perk of commuting by the T (subway) is you get a lot of people-watching time. Yesterday was a good people-watching day. On my ride home, I played a game “guess whether or not that person is dressed in costume for Halloween.” Sometimes it is hard to tell.

4. We were bad neighbors and forgot to buy Halloween candy, so we turned out the front lights and didn’t answer our door last night. Luckily our house was not egged this morning. Thank goodness. Frozen rotten egg would be no fun.

5. Instead of handing out candy, we prepared and sent off the first 13 or so of C’s job applications.

6. That season is here when I basically start keeping Odwalla in business. I’m nervous about getting sick (more exposure to germs on the T), and so guzzle Strawberry C Monster. It’s the best. Sort of like those “gummy vitamins” that they have for kids these days – a treat and a vitamin all in one.

7. We are big “Northeast Corridor” travelers this week – C is heading to Providence on Wednesday to teach a class, and I’m heading to the Big Apple on Thursday afternoon for a long weekend (and to watch the NYC Marathon!)

8. Between now and November 15 is just jam-packed with deadlines for C, but after that we have a few other agenda items (still job market-related, but more exciting): new phones (for both of us, actually), and a new suit for C. Our current (flip) phones barely last for 20 minutes of talking, and also just aren’t very…smart.

9. Stanford Football is the best – Go Card!

10. I have my first quilt commission (well, sort of – I donated a yet-to-be-made quilt to a silent auction for our church). The only guidelines I was given is that it’s for a baby girl. Oh the pressure!

And a bonus…
11. 11.1.11