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That Old Cape Magic August 23, 2011

Filed under: Travel Reports — kcfeather @ 1:26 am

It’s now been a few weeks since our visit to Cape Cod with K’s family. The only really not very good thing about the Cape is the traffic (and the crowds, and the beach parking situation, so I guess that is 3 things). I think everybody agrees.

But there are some wonderful things about the Cape. I’m not really going to do a google map for our visit to the Cape, since the great thing about being there was we could just relax and hang out at the beach.

But before I tell you about all the fun we had, let me just say, we stayed in Wellfleet, and had some pretty amazing croissants from PB Bistro. I recommend their croissants (and other breads) highly – but I also recommend bringing a book to read. They open at 7; I showed up at 6:45 and waited in line for 45 minutes before I was helped!

In any case, some of the fun we had on the Cape:

K, M, and C kayaking in the tidal marsh outside our house

The West End Breakwater (Provincetown)

The boys, oyster-shucking and -eating

Marconi Beach

Preparing the lobster boil for dad's birthday

The last day was a pretty disappointing 4 hour drive home (should be 2 hours). Including one hour in which we went 2 whole miles. But we had a frappe and fish and chips on the way home, so that pretty much made up for it. Almost.


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