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All Girls Allowed June 24, 2011

Filed under: The everyday — kcfeather @ 1:53 am

Last Friday, C and I went to a benefit dinner for a really neat local organization, All Girls Allowed.  AGA, founded by a local businesswoman, aims to end gendercide in China, where many baby girls are abandoned or selectively aborted before they are even born, due to a combination of historical preference for sons and the county’s One-Child Policy.  AGA also works to provide for abandoned girls, and to stop the forced abortions that occur in China. We met some fun people, and got a chance to learn more about the organization and their work. Most of all, it was a good reminder to pray for China and for the women and families there.

Interestingly, I (K) wrote a long-ish high school research paper on the One-Child Policy.  This event made me curious to go back and read it (though I’m not really sure where it is) – I’m curious how much things have changed, but also amazed at how much it sounds like the situation has stayed the same, despite incredible economic growth over the last 10 15 years since I wrote the paper.


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