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Marathon Monday April 23, 2011

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Up here in Massachusetts, we get a lot of holidays that didn’t exist (or at the very least weren’t celebrated) out West. Veteran’s Day and Columbus Day are two holidays that we never got off in California, but are celebrated as work holidays here. Add to that a few days that are ONLY celebrated in Massachusetts:

Evacuation Day – Commemorates the British evacuation of Boston (conveniently for those who like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Evacuation Day is also on March 17…but is only a work holiday in Boston proper)

Patriot’s Day – Commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord (and is conveniently the day of the Boston Marathon as well)

C’s work doesn’t really lend itself to holidays (or weekends), but my place of work does celebrate Patriot’s Day…and so of course, what better way to remember the first battles of the Revolutionary War than to cheer on those running 26.2 miles through Boston!

The city was pretty crazy, and I got caught on the T for quite awhile (so missed the elite runners). By the time I got to Brookline, where I met up with some friends, the middle-of-the-pack runners (who still run pretty fast with 8 – 8.5 minute miles) were just going by. It was a lot of fun to cheer for the runners – if their name was on their jersey, we would yell it out. If not, the more generic “run, run, run!” sufficed.

There was a lot of energy in the air, and it was a fun afternoon…I’m definitely planning to make it out next year (only as a spectator, though).

Spectators lining Beacon Street

Cheering on the runners!


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  1. […] was the first anniversary of our first Patriot’s Day in Boston. Unlike last year, when I had to wear a fleece while cheering on the runners on Marathon Monday, temperatures soared […]

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