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The Big 3-0 April 17, 2011

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It’s the time of year when K is the older lady (a cougar, if you will)…if only for a month and 3 days.  And so begins the month or so of celebrating 30 years.

For the first of the 2 big days, K’s birthday, we headed out of town for the weekend, to Newport, Rhode Island.  We had heard great things and weren’t disappointed – Newport was indeed a lot of fun, and we got 2 straight days of sunshine!

Perhaps most famous as a holiday home for the uber-wealthy of the Gilded Age (think robber barons), Newport is now an idyllic seaside town, even despite being over-run by tourists.  We enjoyed walking around the town, eating tasty food, and enjoying the ocean views.  We also took a tour of Marble House, once the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt.  In fact, it was a gift for Mrs. Vanderbilt (Alva) on the occasion of her 39th birthday (K told C he had better get to work…only 9 years left to go!)

K at Marble House

We’re also happy that the trees seem to have decided to join us in celebrating – everyday, the trees all around Cambridge are more and more full of buds, and even leaves!  Despite pretty horrific allergies/hay fever (what’s the difference?), even K can appreciate the arrival (finally!) of spring.


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