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April Fools Day April 1, 2011

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Who are the fools?  It’s us – we’re the fools, for thinking:

* That it was not going to snow anymore this year

* That it was warming up

* That we could put our winter boots away

Yes, that’s right – last night was yucky wintry mix (again), and then this morning when I looked out the window: SNOW.  An inch or two had accumulated overnight.

Last night at dinner, I said to a more experienced Bostonian, “I thought that spring had arrived!”

And he said, “The snow in the spring is warmer.”  And just to make me nervous, he followed up with, “And the summer snow is even warmer than the spring snow.” (But I am really hoping he was kidding about the summer snow).

This interesting list made it into the April issue of Boston Magazine. Hopefully 2011 won’t be a new addition to the list!


One Response to “April Fools Day”

  1. Kari Says:

    But you only hae 4.9 inches left to bury Shaq! You have to stay strong!

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