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It’s a beautiful day… March 14, 2011

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…in the neighborhood,

a beautiful day for a neighbor.

Would you be mine?

Could you be mine?

Won’t you be my neighbor?

It’s perhaps just a little premature to say that spring has sprung, but we’re getting close.  It was a really lovely weekend here – a weekend for outdoor runs, sunglasses, and leisurely walks around the neighborhood.  Crocuses are even starting to poke shoots of green out of the ground.

We really enjoy our little area of Cambridge (Huron Village) – it’s a special place.  But there are also some unique things about it.  So we thought we’d share about a few of these:

Named corners and “squares”

At nearly every single intersection, in addition to the obligatory one-way sign and the more optional sign with the street’s name, there is a sign naming the corner or square.  Joyce Chen, Messuri, James T. Hurley, the Graingers…we still get a kick out of seeing these signs around Huron Village.

The Concord Ave. Cafe

I am really pretty sure that we live a few blocks away from the only cafe in the world that specializes in the following list:



sesame noodles,


carrot juice, and

bubble tea

I mean really – how do you come up with that assortment of culinary delights?  Unfortunately (or fortunately) the bubble tea is sub-par.

The sermon at church today was also about neighbors.  The text was Luke 10: 25-37 – the Parable of the Good Samaritan. It was a good reminder to be good neighbors – to share the mercy that God has had on us with those around us, even when it requires sacrifice (of time, resources, comfort, safety).  Challenging stuff to think about.


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