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Nor’easter(s) February 2, 2011

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“Nor’easter” is New England-ese for a snow storm or blizzard.  And this week we’re getting a nor’easter double-header: the snow started falling this morning around 7 am, and didn’t let up until about 7 this evening.  That was storm #1.  Within the next 8 hours (read: while we sleep), storm #2 is going to hit.  The snow will start falling (again) and continue through most of tomorrow.  If we’re lucky, it might turn into “Wintry Mix” by late afternoon.  Because let’s face it – there’s nothing like an evening commute in freezing icy rain.  Many of you might think, “that just sounds like one really long storm.”  I agree – it does.  But I am deferring to the weather people, who insist this is really two separate storm systems.

Our apologies that this blog has turned into a weather report (though some members of my extended family might have predicted this).  It turns out that even born and bred Bostonians spend an awful lot of time talking – and complaining – about the weather.  This winter is apparently much worse than most, particularly in terms of snowfall.  In some ways I think it would be fun if this year was a record-breaker, but C strongly disagrees.  We both concur, however, that – given that we’ve already put up with a lot – it would be just swell if the snowfall at least measured up to another new Bostonian: Shaq.  You can track that online, thanks to the Globe.


2 Responses to “Nor’easter(s)”

  1. Kari Says:

    I added the Shaq’O’Meter to my favorites. It totally cracks me up. Hang in there, friend!

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