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Wintry Mix January 19, 2011

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For the last few days when we’ve checked the weather (a several-times-a-day occurrence), promised us a Wintry Mix on Tuesday (today).  Wintry Mix, we thought.  That sounds…almost tasty.  Like Chex mix with peppermint.  Or a hot toddy.  All the snow thus far has been fun (minus the shoveling) – but wintry mix sounded like it might be even better than snow!


Oh no, my friends.  Let me tell you what is not better than snow.  And what is much less exciting than a salty-sweet cereal snack or a toasty libation.  Wintry mix. I suppose it is wintry, in that it’s cold and icy, and it is a mix – a mix of snow, ice, and rain.  And puddles.  Icy puddles that are ankle deep.  In short, wintry mix is not better than anything.  It is the worst!


One Response to “Wintry Mix”

  1. […] falling (again) and continue through most of tomorrow.  If we’re lucky, it might turn into “Wintry Mix” by late afternoon.  Because let’s face it – there’s nothing like an evening […]

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