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2010: Favorite Memories January 1, 2011

Filed under: Holiday,The everyday — kcfeather @ 2:31 am

Happy New Year’s Eve!

For our last year-in-review post, we thought we would recall some of our favorite memories of 2010 – moments that we don’t expect to forget anytime soon.

So without further ado:

  • A mah-jongg buying expedition to Chinatown in SF (and on the way home discovering a new favorite ice cream place)
  • Our Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day/Olympics-viewing/dumpling-making party
  • Running a 10K in the pouring rain and high winds in Pescadero for K’s 29th birthday
  • Celebrating C’s successful defense in May at the Dutch Goose with lots of friends (so sad that they ran out of saltines that night, though)
  • Having C’s family out to California for his graduation
  • Staying at the Charles Hotel for our first nights in Boston…how fun to be right on Harvard Square!
  • Seeing the Eiffel Tower and enjoying French cuisine, biking around Belgium and Holland, and being there for some of the warmest weather of the summer (warmest=high 70s/low 80s)
  • Climbing Mt. Washington with our friend K in August
  • Having many visitors this fall (and so many occasions to try the lobster sandwiches at Alive ‘N Kicking in Cambridge)
  • Roasting a feral hog for Christmas dinner in Texas
  • Enjoying a chance to visit with family and relax in Carmel  this week  (and a drive down to Big Sur today)

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