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The state of things January 21, 2011

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Our house has seen better days – it turns out that it stayed much neater when we weren’t both working full time.  Today as we finished dinner, C said we had to spend awhile in the kitchen…cleaning.  Ugh.  After a little while, he said:

“The kitchen is making strides towards being more clean.”

Don’t I get a little credit?   On the other hand, I took that as my cue that I had permission to take a break.


Wintry Mix January 19, 2011

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For the last few days when we’ve checked the weather (a several-times-a-day occurrence), promised us a Wintry Mix on Tuesday (today).  Wintry Mix, we thought.  That sounds…almost tasty.  Like Chex mix with peppermint.  Or a hot toddy.  All the snow thus far has been fun (minus the shoveling) – but wintry mix sounded like it might be even better than snow!


Oh no, my friends.  Let me tell you what is not better than snow.  And what is much less exciting than a salty-sweet cereal snack or a toasty libation.  Wintry mix. I suppose it is wintry, in that it’s cold and icy, and it is a mix – a mix of snow, ice, and rain.  And puddles.  Icy puddles that are ankle deep.  In short, wintry mix is not better than anything.  It is the worst!


19, feels like 8 January 15, 2011

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen: that is degrees we’re talking about.  Fahrenheit degrees.  It is pretty cold; after walking home with C from Harvard Square, I can barely feel my chin.  On our way home, we passed a teenage boy wearing shorts, and it makes me wonder whether I’m wise, or just really wimpy.

That is all for now – I am going to climb under many many layers of covers and enjoy that this is the first Friday that feels like a Friday in a long time!


Let it snow… January 12, 2011

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We weren’t that sad to miss the big Christmastime blizzard while we were out West in December…but once we got back to Cambridge, I began to get antsy for some snow.  There was a little snow (just enough to tease) on Saturday.  But finally, last night, it came!  We were supposed to get more than a foot of snow over the night, and I could hardly sleep.  When I woke up at 6:30 I immediately ran to the front window to see this:

We definitely got at least a foot of snow, and it is beautiful!  C is working from home (as far as we can tell, most offices are closed today) and so this morning we went for a walk over to Fresh Pond.  The streets were eerily empty for the mid-morning…no one was out except snow plows and a few neighbors out to survey the snowdrifts and fallen branches.

Here I am on Huron Street:

Not only is it a snow day, but it’s my last day before going back to work – I got a job in late December, at the technical school down the street, and start tomorrow!  Will have to remember to keep the nerd jokes to myself for a little while…


2010: Favorite Memories January 1, 2011

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

For our last year-in-review post, we thought we would recall some of our favorite memories of 2010 – moments that we don’t expect to forget anytime soon.

So without further ado:

  • A mah-jongg buying expedition to Chinatown in SF (and on the way home discovering a new favorite ice cream place)
  • Our Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day/Olympics-viewing/dumpling-making party
  • Running a 10K in the pouring rain and high winds in Pescadero for K’s 29th birthday
  • Celebrating C’s successful defense in May at the Dutch Goose with lots of friends (so sad that they ran out of saltines that night, though)
  • Having C’s family out to California for his graduation
  • Staying at the Charles Hotel for our first nights in Boston…how fun to be right on Harvard Square!
  • Seeing the Eiffel Tower and enjoying French cuisine, biking around Belgium and Holland, and being there for some of the warmest weather of the summer (warmest=high 70s/low 80s)
  • Climbing Mt. Washington with our friend K in August
  • Having many visitors this fall (and so many occasions to try the lobster sandwiches at Alive ‘N Kicking in Cambridge)
  • Roasting a feral hog for Christmas dinner in Texas
  • Enjoying a chance to visit with family and relax in Carmel  this week  (and a drive down to Big Sur today)