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2010: Projects December 28, 2010

Filed under: Crafty,Holiday,The everyday — kcfeather @ 7:40 pm

This past year we’ve both had a chance to try our hand at some new hobbies.  Here are our “favorite things we’ve learned how to make in 2010”:

C: Kimchi

To the amazement of some (who have compared C to their Korean grandmother), C has become quite the pro at making his own kimchi.  It really is his own, because the other member of our household isn’t a fan of the smell (the process of making kimchi involves letting it sit out on the counter while it ferments for several days). Nor is she a fan of the taste. All the better for C, who will eat kimchi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and a midnight snack). Other projects of C’s include trying to make cheese (not so successful); yogurt (success after many botched attempts); and gravlax (cured salmon – so far, so good!)

K: Quilts

I’ve posted about this before, and have continued to have fun quilting: choosing new fabrics, making new patterns.  Even the hand-binding is pretty fun (and a good excuse to watch a movie!)  Our closet is filling up, though – but I have a feeling that I will be giving a few away in the next year. Here are a few pictures of my recent quilting endeavors:


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