Birds of a Feather

2010: Movies December 23, 2010

Filed under: Holiday,The everyday — kcfeather @ 1:35 am

2010 was the year that we finally gave in and became Netflix subscribers.  We figured that moving across the country would be a good time to subscribe, because suddenly we had a lot fewer friends to hang out with (= more free time).  We even decided to get a projector instead of a TV, so now we can watch the movies we get on a much bigger screen (and we can put it away when we’re done).  There’s always Hulu, though, so we still keep up with a few shows…

Without further ado, some favorite movies that we watched in 2010:

Eat Drink Man Woman (An oldie, but one we had never seen.  Loved it  – all the slicing and dicing, the family dynamics, the motorbikes…)

The Blind Side


Baby Mama (Did I really just include that?  But how can you not love the Fey-Poehler duo?)

The Social Network

The Wire – Season 4 (Not exactly a movie, but we watched it on DVD, so I’m including it on the list.)


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