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2010: Beantown December 12, 2010

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In honor of the 237th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, we’re drinking lots of tea (not throwing it in the Harbor!) We also thought we would kick off a series of posts looking back at some favorites from the past year, with a list of some of our favorite Boston “discoveries.” Here they are:
*Charles River
We love walking and biking (and even driving) along the Charles River, which is pretty much just down the street (a mile down the street…) from our house. C commutes by bike along the Charles every day; K walks along it pretty frequently as well, though not quite so often. The Charles is beautiful no matter the season (though it’s a bit windy in the winter!), and no matter where you are – near the narrow section near C’s office, or on the Esplanade across from MIT, where it’s so wide it seems almost like a lake. During our first week here we loved watching Fourth of July fireworks from the Anderson Bridge (which crosses the Charles right near HBS).

*Always something going on!
One Sunday afternoon while exploring the North End (Italian district), we happened upon a street fair for the Feast of Saint Anthony. No idea what that is, but we had lots of tasty food (including canoli) and enjoyed all the people- and parade-watching. Another summer evening we took the T to the Boston Common and watched Othello in the park (for free, and starring an actor from one of our favorite TV shows). I’ve been to free concerts, both outdoors and in (the classical music is especially great in a city with so many conservatories).

* Red Sox
It’s fun to live in a city that really loves their baseball team (and not just when they’re winning a lot!) It reminds me a lot of another city that is near and dear to my heart. But Bostonians take their love of baseball to a new level – one local gourmet grocery store on Harvard Square has a TV in their front window on which they broadcast all Red Sox games…and there’s always a crowd outside, watching. In August we got a chance to go to Fenway for a game, and loved it even despite the rain (our nosebleed seats even came in handy…they were so far back they were under the overhang, so we stayed pretty dry!) Here’s to a better season for the Sox in 2011!

* Getting out of town

This may seem like it doesn’t belong on a list of our favorite things about Boston, but it has been a pleasant and fun surprise to find out how easy it is to get out of town, and how many destinations are day-trippable from here. Among the places we’ve been: Cape Cod, the North Shore and Rockport, New Hampshire (including Lake Winnipesaukee), Vermont, Maine, apple-picking in the countryside, the Harbor Islands (just a ferry ride away), and Providence, RI. Looking forward to many more day trips in the next year (among the places we hope to make it: Newport, RI, Western Massachusetts, and to see the harvest at a cranberry bog).

* Moxie
This sort-of-local soda has become a favorite. We don’t get the chance to partake often (it’s not even that common around here), but really enjoy it when we do – it’s sort of like a cola with angostura bitters added.

Moxie magic!


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