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Little Piggies December 10, 2010

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Last week when B and K were visiting, we made another trip to Craigie-on-Main.  We stopped in last month to try out their famous burger (it lived up to the hype).  But there was something else on the menu that caught C’s eye:

Confit and Roasted Milk-Fed Pig’s Head (for two)
Peking pancakes, spicy pumpkin sambal, boudin noir-hoisin sauce

It was actually a half pigs head, and we ordered it to share between the four of us last Friday:

Our half pig's head

The picture doesn’t quite do it justice…what you can’t see are that it still had it’s teeth and eye, intact.  It was served Peking duck-style, with thin pancakes, and a hoisin sauce made with blood sausage.  It was very tasty (the crispy skin was amazing).  But it was also very heavy…would have been better shared among a larger group of friends.  We pretty much rolled out of there (and over to Toscanini’s, where we had ice cream, of course!)

But the story does not end there, my friends.  We also got word this past week that we’ll be enjoying a full roast pig (read: feral hog-let) for Christmas dinner while we’re in Texas!  C’s uncle caught a few little wild piggies in a live trap a few months back, and has been plumping them up for the holidays.  The roast will be an overnight event (it takes awhile to roast a whole hog, after all!) and involves burying the big with hot coals and banana tree wood and leaves.  To say this is exciting news in our household is an understatement…we can’t wait to take part in this new Christmas tradition!


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