Birds of a Feather

Thanksgiving November 24, 2010

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November has flown by, and suddenly it’s street cleaning week (4th Tuesday and Wednesday of every month we must make sure our car is not in the way of the street cleaner or it will be towed).  Also, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow!


And we have a lot to be thankful for:


Though both our families are far away, we’re thankful for them and are also thankful for the internet and cell phones – so it’s much easier (and cheaper) to stay in touch than it might have been 50 years ago. We’re looking forward to seeing both families in December.

Friends, both old and new
It certainly isn’t easy to move somewhere where you barely know a soul, but with time God has blessed us with friends here in Boston – some through church, some through C’s job, even one friend K met at the gym! We’re also really thankful for our steady stream of visitors this summer and fall – it was really wonderful to see familiar faces when everything seemed so new.  K, EM, and J have all been to visit; and in December, both B (and possibly another friend) and then K’s sister M who will be on her way home from the Dominican Republic will both visit!


A really wonderful place to live
We couldn’t be happier with our apartment and our neighborhood.  Lots of things are walkable (Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, Formaggio Kitchen, Hi-Rise (a local bakery), some great restaurants, Fresh Pond, two libraries – and of course, several sandwich shops and also a few Dunkin’ Donuts). People are friendly, it’s not overly crowded.  And there is almost always parking.

C’s job
He works with really wonderful people, and is enjoying the work. And they gave him a pie for Thanksgiving.



One thing is for sure, it is colder here than in CA!  I think both of us are (already) very thankful that we made the decision to invest in some heavy duty cold-weather gear.  So far, we’ve both been able to resist using our warmest layer (we have it on good authority that we should save the down coats for January and February).  But we are certainly layering on all of our other layers: fleeces, jackets, hats, gloves, scarfs, etc.  And so far, it is keeping us pretty toasty despite some very cold evenings.  Tonight it is supposed to get down to 26 degrees…the coldest so far.  Brrrr….


We’re looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving in New York!  C has never been (other than an accidental drive through the Bronx), so hopefully we’ll have lots of fun stories to report.


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