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My Oh My: A Tribute November 12, 2010

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Seattle lost one of it’s best this week: Dave Niehaus, the Mariner’s radio announcer.  Niehaus was the sort of announcer that made people want to listen to the game on the radio rather than watching it on TV.  He was with the M’s from the very beginning (1977) through all of the ups and downs (mostly, recently, downs), but through it all his enthusiasm for the game was contagious.
The signature Niehaus call was “My oh my” – a call so well-loved that it was often up on the Diamond Vision screen at the Kingdome (and since 1999, Safeco Field).  But my all time favorite (which I’ve mentioned here before) is his grand slam call: “Bring out the rye bread and the mustard, Grandma – it’s grand salami time!”
Jay Buhner, another Mariner’s old-timer, said, “He could call a sunset.” And it’s true.  I think we’d all like to hear that call.
Here’s his obituary.  And a tribute from the NY Times as well.  If you want to get a little taste of what Seattle will be missing this spring, the Seattle Times put together a few of his most memorable calls – enjoy!


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