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Ikea: Scandinavian Wonderland September 25, 2010

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Ikea is definitely hit or miss.  I could do without most all particle board furniture.  And sometimes their Euro-modern style is a bit over the top for my taste.  But usually when I visit Ikea, I am proud to be a Scandinavian (especially here in Boston, where Ikea is much less crowded than the one in EPA and so things are orderly as well as cheap and functional).

First of all, how can you beat a $3.99 plate of Swedish meatballs with lingonberry preserves and potatoes.  It’s like Christmas Eve, everyday (K grew up having a Swedish smorgasbord – including Swedish meatballs – on Christmas Eve).

On our most recent visit, we bought two Lack tables ($9.99 each) and then made our own version of this West Elm table, with the help of a little Gorilla Glue (I got the idea here).

Nothing else was purchased during that visit, but there are lots of goodies that were very tempting…we just don’t have a place for them right now.

Alvine Kottar Curtains

Barbar Tray (Striped)

Barbar Tray (Dotted)

PS Tott Fabric


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