Birds of a Feather

New Hobbies September 14, 2010

Filed under: The everyday — kcfeather @ 12:02 pm

K isn’t the only one around the house trying to find ways to pass the time – C also has a few new “hobbies.”

First, he’s been reading a lot about drug dealing (this is actually for academic research, but I still find it funny).

He’s also been learning to swim (since they go swimming a lot at his office).  The first day he got back from the pool and said, “I think it might be easier if I wore goggles when swimming laps.”  I said, “I think so, too!”

Then he decided to see if he could use the goggles while reading as well:

How do these glasses look?

Another new favorite past-time of C’s is playing with his laser pointer while we’re watching movies.  We got a projector instead of a TV, and we use one of the walls in our living room as our “TV screen.”  The laser pointer is a feature of the remote control for his computer, so is always out when we’re watching movies…and is apparently irresistible based on how often there is a little red dot bouncing around at the screen (the eyes and noses of the actors are common targets…)


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